Aryabhatta Science Museum - Human Anatomy Department

Detailed list of items placed in the galleries of the museum:
  1. Human skeleton model – 170 cm ht
  2. Model of male and female torso
  3. Human uterus and pregnant stages of 9 months growth of a baby in mother womb 38"*25"*40" cm life size
  4. Giant model of human hear 25"*25"*18" dissectible into 3 parts
  5. Model of human brain size 17"*17"*113"cm
  6. Giant model of human eye size of 17"*17"*17" dissectible into 6 parts (Five senses book)
  7. Models 15*70cm frames related to male and female human reproduction
  8. Human sense organs 3D fitted in a revolving box
  9. Two sets of eight 3D plastic models 25"*35" showing various parts of human body
  10. Model of human kidneys male and female
  11. Model of human nasal cavity
  12. Model of human heart
  13. Model of human teeth structure

  • Aryabhatta Science Museum - Physical Science Department
  • Aryabhatta Science Museum - Physical Science Department

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